What Full Face Snorkel Mask Size is Right for Me?

The size of a snorkel mask is one of the key factors that will determine how enjoyable and safe your snorkeling tour will end. Having a mask that fits perfectly is all you need to have fun in the waters. Read on to find out, how to size both full face and traditional masks, size chart for kids and adults, why size is important plus more!

How do I find the right Size for Children & Adults?

Snorkel masks just like any other items you wear on your body come in various sizes: XS, S, S/M, M/L, and XL. These do not work for everyone since they are mere estimations. The only sure way to find the right size is to walk into a physical store and try them on.

If you cannot access a physical store you can some available sizing techniques/charts that are usually provided by most mask manufacturers.

Sizing at full face snorkel mask at the store

So, how do you size yourself or child while at the store? You will need a mask of your choice and a mirror or someone to watch you over. First, gently place the mask on you face as you position the straps over your head. Use the mirror or your watcher to ensure that mask is perfectly placed on your face.

Fasten the straps to a comfortable fit. Carry out the same procedure for your child. If the following points are okay then you have the right size.

  • Breathing feels normal when you inhale through your nose.
  • There is no space between your chin and the silicone chin area at the bottom of the mask
  • The nose silicone piece comfortably rests on the bridge of your nose.
  • The mask does not fall off when you move your head

Some folks also recommend a concept known as a suction test. To perform this test, all you need is a mask of your choice and your arms. Use your hands to push down the mask into your face. The pushing force should be slight but firm. If the size is right for you, the mask will remain pressed against your face once you let go of it.

What if you are shopping online?

If for whatever reasons you have to do your purchase directly from an online store, here is how go about it.

  1. First you will need a measurement tool, probably a tape measure and a mirror.
  2. Stand in front the mirror just to ensure that whatever you are doing is right.
  3. To get the most accurate measurement close your mouth
  4. Using both of your hands measure the distance between the bottom of your chin and the top of the bridge of your nose.
  5. Record the measurement.

With your recorded measurement, go to your favorite store, select the mask you are intending to buy and then check the sizing chart. Most manufacturers provide a sizing chart for each for their masks.

If your measurement is…

  1. Less than 10 cm (3.9″), the right size for is XS: children under age 6
  2. Less than than 12 cm (4.7″), the right size for is S/M: adults with thin faces, women, and children over 10 years old
  3. More than 12 cm (4.7″) the right size for is M/L: the average size for an adult male

What if you’re totally not sure? It is better you choose a smaller size. This seems to work for most buyers. However, this works if the mask is made up quality materials(silk). Silk is more flexible and softer. If you must acquire a cheap and poor-quality mask, we do not recommend it at all, make sure the size is exact.

Once you ordered the right size basing on the sizing instructions, follow the earlier mentioned steps to ensures that it fits you properly. If it is the correct size, you’re one step ahead and if it doesn’t you return it and order another one.

Sample Mask Sizing Charts

Following are sample mask sizing charts

snorkel mask sizing chart for women and kids
Sample sizing chart 1
Snorkel mask size measurement chart
Sample chart 2

Note that these charts base measurement only on length. They hardly mention width of the face. Some individuals have abnormally wide faces meaning that these charts may not help.

At the same time do not base your sizing entirely on age. When it comes to children, age does not always determine the face size. Some children a face that is too big for their age while others have a face too small for their face.

Still on children, it is true that they are ever growing but this does mean you buy larger mask that will fit in the future…just get the right size!

Why is size important?

Having the right size will avoid;

  • Leaking
  • Fogging
  • Fall off

All of the above can lead to not only discomfort but also various known dangers that can lead drowning.

To rip all the benefits of snorkeling, a right-sized mask is a must. From the above discussion finding the correct size should be an easy and quick process. The best full face snorkel mask is one that holds an airtight seal without having to tighten or loosen the straps too much.

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