Best Full-Face Snorkel Mask For Kids & Adults: Review 2023

One of the most recent innovations in the snorkeling industry is the creation of full-face snorkel masks. These masks make it easier for beginners to snorkel comfortably without having to worry about breathing and swallowing salty seawater.

The best full-face snorkel masks allow you to breathe easily without CO2 build-up, fog-free for clear viewing, fit perfectly without leaking, compact, and built from comfortable yet durable materials. This is all you need for an enjoyable, safe and panic-free snorkeling tour.

Following is a review of our top masks for kids, women and men. We have also included a buying guide with answers to frequently asked questions.

Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkeling Mask

This is a product of Ocean Reef Group , a brand that specializes in creating snorkeling accessories, diving equipment and other water-related developments.

Ocean Reef Aria mask

Owing to the period this manufacturer has been in water accessories industry, it is easy to agree that their mask is of good quality. The mask features;

  • Internal ventilation for easy breathing through both nose and mouth
  • 180º panoramic Largest field of vision of any mask out there
  • Dry-top Snorkel that won’t let you swallow salty water especially if you’re caught with waves
  • Purge valve to easily clear excess water and exhale quickly for shallow dives
  • Fog-free; no need of defoggers.
  • Various sizes and super bright colors
  • Comes with carry-bag, optical lens’ kits and compatible with other accessories.

Ocean Reef has gone a step ahead to create a version that comes with a unique gadget (snorkel talkie) that can enhance communication between snorkelers. Not many snorkelers have tried this mask system but we hope it will catch up soon.

However, it does not allow you to equalize for deep dives. It is designed to be used on the surface.

Based on the reputation of the company and reviews from verified buyers, this is as safe and highly recommended mask. It comes with decent excellent features and it has worked pretty well for most people

Greatever Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids & Adults

Greatever full face snorkel mask for kids and adults review pros cons
Greatever mask

Greatever is a company that has been designing and developing diving products since 2015. The company has a Facebook account where you can contact them. Other than the common features, the mask comes with the following.

  • Foldable design
  • Two-channel exhaust valve
  • 1.26-inch wide top snorkel for smooth breathing.

Why users like it.

  • It is well made with quality materials.
  • You can go underwater for some minutes
  • Fairly priced compared to other high-end masks
  • Comes with functional features


It may take you some time to learn how it works especially if you are used to traditional snorkel gear.

Clearing the mask mighty be not easy especially for kids.

Based on the majority of users who have given negative reviews and a 1-star rating, this mask makes breathing difficult and it leaks

Overall, it is one of the best based on user reviews. For the Kids version(Greatever G2), close to 90% of over 500 verified buyers have given it a 5-star rating. Over 77% of about 800 buyers have given a 5-star rating for the adult version. The company also creates the traditional snorkel mask.

SEAC Libera Full Face Mask

SEAC is one of the safest brands that seems to have figured out the breathing problem.
seac full face snorkel mask

The breathing comprises of completely separate circuits for fresh air (IN) and exhaled air (OUT). Exhaled air is expelled through a SEAC patented exhaust circuit., one of the best snorkeling resource on internet, rates SEAC full face mask as the best when it comes to breathing. On all SEAC models the entire snorkel tube is dedicated to the inhale.

In addition to the advanced breathing technology, the mask comes with an anti-fogging system and an anatomical hypoallergenic liquid silicone skirt that is created to adapt to every kind of facial contour for the best seal, safety, and comfort.

Exhale purge valves are positioned at the top of the mask body, on the back side which can make breathing out difficult especially when deep underwater.

The mask does not come with an equalization system meaning that it is best for surface snorkeling. Unfortunately, some users have had it fogging to some extent.

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° V2 Full Face Snorkel Mask  

WildHorn is a company that specializes in creating items for watersports/beach and hiking. They have website where you can access their products and support.
WildHorn full face mask
Wildhorn Mask

There are two versions of this FFSM; an old/original and version two(V2). The original one is among the top most reviewed mask on Amazon. The newer one does not have many reviews but they are growing. These masks come with the common features including 180° view, dry technology, fog resistance, camera mount, etc.

The newer version (Seaview 180° V2) seems to have been created to fix the flaws in the original mask. According to the company, it comes with Flowtech Advanced Air Intake System that can allow snorkelers to breathe naturally and safer.

It also comes with angled tube design for easy head movement. Based on the positive reviews , majority of the customers will recommend it but still, there are complains on breathing. In addition, the camera mount position does not produce the best videos/photos.

Phantom Aquatics Voda Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Phantom Aquatics’ Voda is yet another known brand when it comes to watersports accessories.
Phantom Aquatics voda full face mask

The Voda mask is designed with patented airflow system for easy inhaling and exhaling, independently tested for CO2 safety.

It also features

  • A dry top snorkel, a 180° field of vision
  • A separated channeling system for inhaled and exhaled air prevents the lens from fogging
  • The liquid silicone skirt and polycarbonate frame and lens offer enormous comfort.
  • It includes a carry bag for easy and convenient transport

Cressi’s Duke Full-face Snorkel Mask  

If you are really into water sports and activities, cressi should not be a new or strange name.   Cressi is a brand pioneer in scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming equipment.

Cressi full face mask

With the experience and reputation, you should expect a quality snorkel mask from this manufacturer.

The new Duke full face mask is designed with safety in mind. It has most of the top features you would expect from a quality mask.

 Duke offers a natural breathing experience due to the absence of any valve, and a fog-free vision obtained by the lateral deflector mechanism

The face skirt is made of soft hypoallergenic silicone that ensure comfort and a perfect seal.

The two x-cross straps are easy to adapt for a perfect fit for your head.

Other features include polycarbonate frame and lens, dry top and a purge/water draining valve


It is meant for surface snorkeling. You cannot dive deep while in this mask

Ninja Shark & Deep Sea O2: Best with Pressure Equalizer for Underwater.

If you want to go underwater with full face snorkel mask, Deep Sea O2 and Ninja shark are the best options in this category.

These two masks are a step up in snorkeling equipment. The two masks share most of the features. The difference is in the labeling, price and the strap system. Ninja shark in on the high end in terms of price.

Ninja Shark Full Face snorkel Mask with equalizer underwater diving
Ninja Shark

Ninja Shark and Deep Sea manufacturers boldly claim that their masks make breathing under the water as easy as on land.

Deep sea O2 pressure equalization full face snorkel mask
Deep Sea O2

What makes Deep Sea O2 and Ninja Shark stand out is the soft nose piece that allows you to pinch/ touch your nose for proper equalization allowing ear pressure relief. In addition;

  • They come in a one-size-fits design.
  • They provide the best underwater experience
  • 180º HD panoramic viewing window

Other features are pretty the same as those in the other masks in our list.

According to the manufacturer, Ninja shark can go 25-30 feet underwater but it does require some practice.

U.S. Divers AirGo Purge LX Submersible Mask

Designed by U.S. Divers, a division of Aqua Lung, the pioneers of modern diving equipment. The AirGo mask is full of user-friendly features that are easy-to-use and help solve common snorkeling challenges.

U.S Divers AirGo Full Face Snorkel Mask

To ensure a safe underwater experience, the mask comes with a unique dual chamber AirGo System that ensures you won’t rebreathe your exhaled hair.

Other features include

  • Quick release buckles
  • Premium construction material; hypoallergenic and soft Silicone
  • Fog Free
  • 180-degree view

SEABEAST AF90 Full Face Snorkel Mask

Seabeast, is also a well-known brand in snorkeling and diving accessories.
Sea Beat Mask

The emphasis of this mask is easy breathing and fog-free while snorkeling.  AF90 has a foldable snorkel tube which can be packed in your duffle bag easily.

Like the masks above, it features large viewing area and dry top technology.

HEAD Sea VU Dry Full-face Snorkeling Mask

Like other good masks, Head Sea VU, features a dry snorkel and a wide lens for the best views and is offered in 5 colors.

Full Head snorkel Mask
Sea VU

It features a durable Polycarbonate Lens and Snorkel Tube, Surgical Grade Silicone Skirt. The silicone skirting keeps water out and its double chamber design keeps the glass from fogging.

Most of Head’s masks seem to be designed by Aria, the makers of the Ocean Reef, and are thus extremely similar in terms of features and looks.

Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

Vaincre comes with a wide lens for panoramic view while you snorkel. It offers two colors in children sizes and 8 colors for adults. Its sizes start at extra small and go up to extra-large.

Vaincre masks
vaincre masks

It also features a movable mouth for GoPro, anti-fog lens and separate breathing chambers to prevent fogging.

As at this writing, it is one of the cheapest and most reviewed masks on Amazon The advantages of vaincre include

  • Snorkel stays dry when submerged
  • Smooth and comfortable breathing
  • No jaw or mouth pain and fatigue

Some of the negative reviews stem from;

Distorted field of view that causes dizziness. At the same time, sizing can be difficult to get right. Additionally, the elastic straps have a tendency to loosen.


Like Vaincre, this mask has a substantial number of positive reviews and ratings on Amazon. Going by theNo products found.  , some of which are quite aged, it is the scuba divers’ favorite.

Tribord Subea Easybreathe full Face mask
Tribord Subea

It has been created by Subea, a Decathlon subsidiary company. Decathlon is an established sporting goods retailer with over 1500 stores in different countries. Like WildHorn, it has both old and newer versions are available for sale.

Other than the common features most of the masks in this list have, the latest version comes with a Secure Lock Snorkel to prevent the snorkel head from detaching unexpectedly. This because it comes with a detachable snorkel.

It also comes in 4 sizes and an ideally placed camera mount position.

Other masks with good reviews and rating on Amazon that deserve a mention include;

No products found.

OUSPT Full Face Snorkel Mask
An improved breathing system with 12 month Guarantee
SeeReef Full Face Snorkel
Comes as complete kit with a free hard carry case. 4 valve system for easy breathing.

No products found.

Full-face Snorkel Mask Benefits & Disadvantages

A full-face snorkel mask is a covering made of some special type of plastic/rubber and silicone that fits over your entire face, and lets you see clearly and breathe freely, through your mouth and their nose via a snorkel tube while under water.

It comes with straps that hold the mask onto your face. These masks are designed with 2 or 4 individual chambers. The breathing chamber is separated from the viewing chamber and helps reduce fog. Purge valves near the chin help expel water out of the masks, if any of it seeps in. Following are cons and pros of these masks

Benefits of a Full-Face Snorkel Mask

Easy to use– Full face snorkel masks are very easy to use. You will not have to spend days to learn how to use them.

Effortless Natural Breathing Full face masks allow you to inhale and exhale through either your nose or your mouth. This helps keep beginner snorkelers calm and relaxed in the water.

Water barrier. The masks seal around your entire face, which decreases the chance of swallowing water or salty water getting into your eyes. If a little water happens to sip in, it can easily flow out through the purge in the chin area.

Free Movement– the rear strap holds the mask in place on your head, allowing you to move freely and take on waves without losing the mask.

Built-in dry top snorkel system. They come with a ball float system that stops the water from entering the tube when submerged. If some water gets in, it is channeled away from the face and into the valve in chin area of the mask where it is drained out.

Fog-freeHigh-quality full-face masks as those we have discussed in our list above hardly get foggy. They feature different breathing and viewing chamber with a dual vent system that allows the air to circulate inside, preventing fogging.

Minimal jaw fatigue. Full-face masks lack a mouthpiece have to bite onto which allows you to comfortably snorkel for extended periods of time.

Better visibility. Most full-face mask brands come with a curved lens that extends behind your eye to give you a clear uninterrupted 180-degree view. The frame seals behind your vision line, which means that it won’t alter your view.

Deep Diving although most of the snorkel masks are meant for surface swimming, there are other models that feature equalization mechanisms that allow you to dive deeper. This an advantage, especially for advanced snorkelers.

Disadvantages /Cons

Most of the full-face mask are meant for surface swimming meaning you cannot use them for free diving. Though there are some that are designed with diving features, the depth is limited and you need to have some diving know-how. The large surface area can also be hindrance as you dive deeper.

Full-face snorkeling masks are larger and bulkier than the traditional ones. This means they will occupy more space in your luggage and prove more challenging to pack for travel.

Transitioning to other diving can be a challenge Advancing to other swimming techniques/activities like diving may be a challenge. FFSMs are so easy to use but they deny you an opportunity to learn basic water skills like breathing or purge valve clearing when diving with regular snorkels.

Some FFSMs are pricey compared to a regular snorkel and mask.

Some poor quality and cheap FFSMs are actually very dangerous. There are reports of drowning and deaths resulting from the use of low-quality full-face snorkel masks.

Factors to consider when buying

Following is what you should look for while shopping for a full face snorkel mask.

Size/Fit and Comfort

Size is one of the most important factor you should consider since faces come in different sizes and shapes. Some masks come in a one-size-fit-all or others come in small, medium and large sizes. For maximum comfort you need size that fits you perfectly.

Make sure you try it out before your snorkeling tour. Avoid too tight or too loose.

Further Reading: How to determine the right full face snorkel mask size for you

Lens: Flat vs Convex

FFSMs differ in the shape of their lens, alongside other factors. Some have convex viewing domes while others are flat. Flat lens offer a 180-degree view, including your peripheral view.

This type of lens allows for less distortion in the image in front. Look for lens made out of polycarbonate which is shock proof, scratch free and durable.

Anti fog features

You’re going to want to make sure before you get in the water that your lens is clean and clear. Micro dust particles can stick to the inside of your lens and when you exhale, the moisture in your breath sticks to these particles creating blurry vision and condensation – also known as, fog.

Thankfully, most of the masks listed have a lens built with lens that wont fog. They too have separated breathing and viewing chambers to avoid fog build-up.

Cleaning your mask after and before each use helps prevent fogging, if your lens is scratch resistant, you can go ahead and clean it with some tooth-paste and a cloth, baby shampoo, your spit or simply use an anti-fog spray

Further Reading:

Snorkel Technology: Dry vs Wet, Collapsible

Your snorkel is the tube that helps you breath when you snorkel. This tube was traditionally came on its own and then attached to the goggles. Modern snorkel are attached to the mask.

The tube should be between 30 – 40 centimeters long. Any longer and breathing becomes difficult and laborious. Longer tubes also do not recycle air well, and you may end up breathing the same air, causing elevated CO2 levels.

Dry vs Wet Snorkel

Snorkels are generally used for surface swimming activities. The traditional wet snorkel can be quite difficult to use especially when underwater. Beginner snorkelers who use it usually end up swallowing mouthfuls of seawater before they learn how to effectively expel water out.

The best way to avoid the dilemma is by getting a dry snorkel. This type of snorkel features dry top technology. The top has built-in mechanism that shuts the tube once it is completely submerged in water

Further Reading: How a Snorkel Works + Differences between Dry Top and Wet Snorkels

Collapsible vs Detachable vs Fixed

Another feature of the snorkel you should look for is the ease to carry around or store. Depending on the manufacturers, some tubes are detachable while others are collapsible. Some may come fixed.

Both the collapsible and detachable are a good option as you can easily pack/store them in your travel bag. While the collapsible types are easy to use, the detachable versions are more durable.

Not many masks come with fixed tubes; they are not the best option if you’re a regular traveler.

Skirt Material(Silicone vs Plastic)

The flimsy material found at the edges of your FFSM is known as a skirt. This helps the mask efficiently stick to your skin by creating a suction that keeps out water as well.

Most manufacturers add in a silicone skirt which has a highly effective suction and allows the mask to stay perfectly in place without loosening or letting water in.

Before silicone, plastic was used. This proved to be ineffective as faces vary in size and shape and plastic would not stick. When buying a mask, make sure there is enough skirting to cover your jaw line comfortably as well.

Straps and Buckles

The function of the straps is to stabilize the mask. Some FFSMs come with straps only while others come with straps and buckles.

The quality of the material from which these parts are made is something you should be keen on. Ensure the material is wide, flexible and stretchable for durability.

If you have long hair, ensure the material won’t get entangled in your hair.

Generally, the straps should be designed to allow you put on/off the mask quickly. Buckles tend to come off quicker than straps alone.

The ease to adjust once on is also something to check. Adjustable straps allow you to tighten or loosen the straps for a fit that is best and comfortable for you.

Equalization for Underwater Diving

Another important feature to look for is a mechanism to equalize pressure while deep under water. This is important if you are intending to dive underwater with your mask.

From our list above only Ninja shark and Deep Sea O2 have this feature. It is very important to note that most of the full-face masks are ONLY designed for surface swimming.


While this specific point may seem like an aesthetic whim, it is actually about your safety! Snorkeling is undertaken in areas with marine life underneath the surface. Sometimes this can mean sharks too.

Sharks are said to be attracted to bright colors like yellow, orange and red. You don’t have to worry about this when going snorkeling in designated areas, but when in deep waters, go for neutral or dull colors such as grey, black, blue or even transparent.

If you’re snorkeling on shallow waters, bright colors may help in making you visible.

Additional Mask Features

Some mask like the Orsen and ocean Aria have snorkel talkies to enable communication with snorkel mates underwater. These talkies can also allow you to listen to some music while you snorkel.

Some designs also have a fan that regulates the air flow making sure you inhale fresh air at all times and use dry snorkels.

Buying vs Renting

First-time snorkelers tend to rent their equipment. While logical and rational, it is unhygienic and may not cost you a lot different than purchasing would.


Just going through our review guide, you must have noticed all the different companies producing snorkeling gear.

The increase in supply, has dropped prices for snorkeling gear significantly and buying the equipment will cost you less in the long-term. After two or three snorkeling trips, your equipment will become an asset.


Rental shops buy cheap goods for their business. Cheap materials can have adverse effects on sensitive skin. On the other hand, cheap material may not be very functional either.


No one airs their dirty laundry in public, so how do we know whether snorkeling equipment is actually cleaned or not? Dirty masks can grow mold and even cause acne. If you have your own gear, at least you know where it’s been.


Rental shops will have various sizes of masks for everybody. This means you will have to go through a few masks before you find the most comfortable one. When you have your own snorkel, you know how it fits and how to optimize its functionality.

Full-face Snorkel Mask vs Traditional Masks: Differences

Following is how the both full face and traditional masks work and the differences

How they Work

Traditional snorkel mask, come as two separate pieces of gear: a snorkel tube and a mask. The snorkeler simply slips on the goggles which encase their nose as well. And attaches the snorkel to the ring usually found on the left side of the goggles.

The goggles help with vision underwater, while the snorkel helps in breathing. You can opt for a dry snorkel, which stays dry when you free dive to explore further.

A full-face mask comes as a single piece. All you need is to slip it in, adjust the straps and start snorkeling.  Modern FFSMs have separate chambers for breathing and viewing. They have silicone edges to help them stick on your face, along with the adjustable straps.


FeatureFull-face Snorkel MaskTraditional Mask
User LevelBest for Beginners with little or no swimming skillsBest for advanced swimmers e.g free divers
BreathingEasy Breathing from mouth and noseOnly from Mouth
EqualizationMost have no mechanism to equalizeEqualization possible
Jaw Fatigue/SorenessNoneIt is a common problem since you have bite the mouth piece
FoggingMost quality FFSMs are fog-freeThey do fog
Field of ViewMostly wideMost lack wide view
Best usageSurface snorkelingDeep Diving
Transitioning to diving(free/scuba)DifficultEasy
PriceA little more expensiveCheaper
Number of PiecesAll-in-one (Snorkel and Mask in one)Two (separate Snorkel and Mask)


Are full face snorkel masks safe?

Safety of full-face face snorkel mask can be viewed from two perspectives: the user and the manufactures. Some manufacturers who are out there to make money have flooded the market with poor quality masks. Use of these masks has lead to dizziness, fainting and in worst cases drowning.

Further Reading: Full Face Snorkel Masks Dangers & Reported Deaths

In some case users who use the masks incorrectly have exposed themselves to various dangers. Almost all the full face masks are designed for recreational purposes. They’re not meant for deep diving or vigorous swimming activities.

In nutshell, safety will depend on the mask you will choose to buy and how you intend to use. Taking your time to look for quality ones and using them properly will help avoid most of these dangers.

And remember the cardinal rule of snorkeling, go with a buddy. If you’re using them for the first time, try them on and learn how to use them in a swimming pool or shallow waters.

How Should I put on/ take off a snorkel Mask?

For modern full-face snorkel masks, the first step is to ensure there’s no hair or any object that will interfere with the seal. if you have some hair, especially ladies, pull it back. For men with facial hair, trim it.

Further reading: Snorkeling with Mustache

While one of your hand is holding the straps at the back of the mask use the other hand to hold the front and gently put the mask on.

You can as well hold the front part with your two hands and slide it down onto your head as shown in the photo below. Note; this will depend on the design of the mask.

putting a full face snorkel mask

After the mask is on, adjust the straps until they comfortably fit. Then, try to breathe as usual to confirm everything is okay. The seal should be airtight and comfortable.

adjusting mask to fit

If you want to take it off, loosen the straps/buckles and hold it with both hands and take it off as shown below.

How to take off or remove a full face snorkel mask
Taking a mask

To put on a traditional snorkel mask, fit the goggles onto your eyes, and insert your nose in its allocated pocket. Gently press the mask to create better suction. And pull the adjustable straps to the back of your head. Aiming the straps higher will help keep the goggles in place.

How do I attach a Snorkel to my Mask?

Most of the modern FFSMs come with snorkel tube that is detachable or collapsible/foldable.

For the detachable just fit in until you here a clipping sound. Check the instructions for details. For the collapsible types just unfold as the instructions say. Go through the instructions that come with the mask.

For those who prefer goggles a separate tube, you can either wear the goggles and then attach the snorkel or do it beforehand. The snorkel should be attached to the left side of the goggles. Place the tube in the clip and fasten it securely. You should also put the mouthpiece in your mouth and adjust the length of it.

How do I defog my mask?

You can defog your mask by cleaning it with toothpaste, spit or baby shampoo solution before and after using. If the problem persists, you can get their protective coating flamed off.

For more details:

Can you wear a snorkel mask over glasses?

You can’t wear your snorkel mask over your glasses as the arms of your glasses will create space between your face and the skirting which will let water in. Full face masks are not designed to be worn with glasses.

You can, however, opt for prescription masks/ goggles or invest in contact lenses.

What FFSM size is right for me?

The right size will depend on our face size and shape. To determine your perfect fit the best you can do is to have the actual mask and try it out. You can as well check the sizing instructions and chart that comes with masks.

Further reading: Full Face Snorkel Mask Sizing and Charts

Can men with full beard have problems when putting on snorkel masks?

Full beard will cause a lot of discomfort which will eventually ruin your snorkeling trip. Facial hair causes suction issues when putting on masks. The hair comes in between the skirting and the suction and their uneven and plentiful nature does not let the silicone stick to your skin.

However, there are a few fixes for men who want to snorkel with beard or mustache. You can trim it down or try some masks that are thought to work well with facial hair.

Can I go Underwater with a Full- Face Snorkel Mask?

Most of full the full face masks are meant to be used on the surface or just near surface of water. They lack features the will enable you stay deep under water for a long duration of time.

However, brands like Ninja shark and Deep Sea come with an equalization feature that will allow you to dive and breathe underwater. We are yet to confirm the claims

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